• Address
  • 26/F Unit 1 - 3

  • Opening Hours
  • 11:00 - 19:00

  • Tel
  • 2870 1132

  • Description
  • Bedroom Specialist


    The Okooko bedroom is energising, and vibrant, with a distinctive design edge to it, yet restful, relaxing and renewing too. The name Okooko itself, is a very old Maori word, meaning ‘to cradle in arms,’ inspiring the thought of cradling a person, and in a wider sense, cradling our precious earth.


    Okooko offers a wide range of unique, award winning bed and furniture designs, 100% natural latex mattresses, baby and children’s beds through to natural linen and bedding, lamps, rugs and accessories to allow you to create your own personalised bedroom sanctuary. All designed and selected with your health and the environment in mind, we source and use only products that meet the highest eco and health standards globally.


    In store our sleep consultants can prescribe partner’s with a personalised bodyfit sleep system. This means each side of the bed is personalised to fit each partner’s unique body characteristics, with underlying flexible slat systems, mattress, overlay and pillows prescribed. The bodyfit sleep system is based in over 20 years of sleep science, and is made using all natural materials.

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